Leave your preconceptions at home, because Yerevan (ԵՐԵՎԱՆ) will almost certainly confound them. This is a city of contradictions – top-of-the-line Mercedes sedans share the roads with Ladas so old they should be in museum collections; traditional pandoks (taverns) serving khoravats (barbecue meats) and oghee (fruit vodka) sit next to chic European-style wine bars; and street fashions range from hipster to babushka with many weird and wonderful variations in between. 



 It’s billed as the ‘Switzerland of Armenia’, and although that may be a stretch, alpine Dilijan has undeniably attractive scenery and an extremely pleasant climate. During Soviet times, cinematographers, composers, artists and writers came here to be creative; today it’s a centre for tourism with a number of fine B&Bs and restaurants. 

Garni Tour


 Garni is remarkable with a number of historical and architectural monuments of the Hellenistic and early Christian era. The most prominent among them are Garni temple and the fortress of the same name. Moreover, there you will find the ruins of the royal palace and baths built according to the Roman methodology.  

Geghard Tour


 Located several miles from Garni, along the river Azat gorge to the northeast, on the amphitheatre-like slope of steep rocks, amidst severe and majestic nature is Geghard or Geghardavank monastery well-known for its rocky sights. 

Tsakhkadzor Tour


 Translated from Armenian the word “Tsakhkadzor” means the Gorge of Flowers. Indeed, the gorge, the mountains, snow tops, rapid rivers, picturesque valleys are covered with a flower carpet. That fact that the beauty of this place was breathtaking and the air was curative was already known in the 5 th century AD. This was inhabited from ancient times according to the archeologists.  

Echmiadzin Tour


 Armenia has a strong faith that has always been the main stronghold of the state, the symbol of equity and prosperity. One of the main sacred and hallowed places for Armenians is the ancient, almost two thousand years old city of Echmiadzin, located in the picturesque Ararat Valley.  

Haghartsin Tour


 If you travel from Dilizhan to the village of Tekhut through the reserved beech-nut wood the road itself will take you to the monastic complex of the 11 th – 13 th centuries, Haghartsin. It is the canyon's jewel, one of the most mysterious places in Armenia , buried in the verdure of mountain woods. 

Aragatsotn Tour


 The marz of Aragatsotn is located in the western part of Armenia and is surrounded by mountains from its three sides; one is Mount Aragats - the highest peak of Armenia (4,090 m) which gave the marz its name. The marz territory stretched as far as the border with Turkey. 

Lake Sevan

  Set 1900m above sea level and covering 1240 sq km, the vast expanse of Sevana Lich (Lake Sevan) is the largest lake in the Caucasus and one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world. Its colours and shades change with the weather, forming dazzling azure to dark blue hues, and a thousand shades in between. 

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